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ALPINA factory was founded back in 2002. The company has been one of the major and credible furniture manufacturers in Siberian region of Russia, producing and exporting its high-end quality pieces of comfy furniture , kitchen sets, furniture parts and interiors abroad, with a number of overseas countries on its high-profile portfolio.
ALPINA in a glance:
  • 35 000 m2 of production floor space
  • own machines of high technical capacities
  • high-pace cycle of production (bulk orders from 3 to 5 weeks)
  • eco-friendly premium materials
  • customized production (from stools to cabinet furniture)
  • seasonal update with trending models
We will be helpful to:
  1. Retailers since our assortment include both modern laconic models and trending novelties that are in great demand among buyers
  2. HoReCa representatives, thanks to the factory capacity to produce a large number of custom-made furniture in a short period of time ( bulk order production averages 4 weeks, over 100 options of warehouse fabrics and painting by RAL)
  3. Small furniture manufacturers, who can buy furniture parts, such as chairs, sofas frames, and furniture legs in order to diversify the assortment and complete large orders
  4. Dealers and sales representatives who can get benefits from each client brought and a sales percentage
ALPINA is about furniture production with love and special attention to every detail ❣️