○ You may choose any color and material for the upholstery or combine two in one item. You may also choose the color of the legs.

○ Frame - birch

○ Legs - solid birch

Bunny baby chair is cute and funny and, at the same time, a comfortable, reliable chair that will perfectly decorate the space of the children's room. This model has a simple, yet stylish and creative silhouette and can be made in any fabric from the huge selection provided by our factory. The chair has an animal design and decorated with an imitation of rabbit ears on the top of the back and a fluffy tail at the back. This decor will please the baby, help develop his imagination and make Bunny his favorite.

* The minimum price in default upholstery is valid for wholesale customers ordering from 10 pcs.

dimensions (mm) W x D x H:: 450x580x770